Initial Coin Offering Software developed by ICO Allstars

Initial Coin Offering Platform

The most advanced ERC20 ICO platform available on the market today. Developed by blockchain experts and industry leaders. From start to finish our experts can help you design, market and list your token.
This package includes free setup and training on use. Your one time purchase fee does not have any success fee's or percentage of tokens as other providers ask for.
You may contact us for a demo.

  • The platform is your backend only and does not include a ICO landing page or ERC20 token. Please note
ERC20 token transfer software (airdrop)

Have you already finished your ICO?
Did you use a platform that does not auto distribute your tokens?
Our airdrop ERC20 token transfer software can bulk transfer your ERC20 token to a CSV list of ethereum addresses.
This software can distribute millions of tokens to address you specify. Simple import a list of addresses and the amounts to send.
The platform has saved thousands of man hours of manually distributing a token.

Exchange bot software

The Pump and Dump Bot is a Python based console application that allows users to be able to easily and effectively Pump and Dump altcoins based upon user input.
Python outperforms Java and Vba programs.
Its abilities to connect to the exchanges faster than other bots ensure that your investments are safer than when using any other bots.
The overall goal of the bot is to be able to create an environment for a safe general pump without fear of being dumped on and ultimately losing money.
This bot is centered around the user, requires no previous coding experience and includes features to protect users such a training mode which simulates pump situations in real time, pre-pump detection, as well as a warning in case users start too late into the pump.
Binance / Yobit / Bittrex /Cryptopia support
These bots are great for maintaining pricing points on your token listed exchange or to counter dumps of your token.

Email Marketing Platform + All Email Databases

Includes our email PMTA platform with rotating IP address, PMTA software, email marketing front and backend, IP rotating plugins and all of our crytpo databases uploaded to the platform.
This platform is for those who are serious about email marketing to ICO investors or marketing a crytpo related product. The platform can send out 10 million emails per week.
Our solution is the most cost effective way to market your Initial coin offering.