Initial Coin Offering Services

ICO Allstars offers various intial coin offering services to get you launch your project.

Initial Coin Offering Whitepaper

We offer a professionally written and designed ERC20 or Altcoin based whitepaper.
This package includes a .doc/pdf proof and complete indesign .idd whitepaper design with graphics and charts.
Our ICO team will work directly with you and your company principles to develop the perfect whitepaper which will convey your ideas to investors. In addition to this key document we can create investor decks and introduce you to SEC lawyers who can assist you with an opinion letter and SAFT agreement.

ERC20 token distribution service

Have you completed your ICO and now you need to transfer or airdrop your ERC20 tokens to investors?
ICO Allstars will make a quick transfer of your tokens which are award to the participants of the ICO.
This will save you time.

  • The service does not include the cost of gas for the transfer. After your order we will do a network estimate based on how many transfers and network load to determine the price of gas. Please note
ERC20 token smart contract creation service

ICO Allstars will create your very own customized ERC20 Token.
What exactly can you do with an ERC20 Token?
Token Name (ex. CARDANO)
Symbol (ex. ADA)
Includes the source code in a separate file and we will verify the token’s contract source on

  • you can trade it on Exchanges , you can start your own ICO crowdsale and sell tokens to anyone interested or you can simply use it for developing your own projects. You can do many great things, and just to name a few
  • What I need from you
  • (18 is standard, 0 means your token is not divisible) decimals